Selected publications

SANTA-ROSA, P. S. ; SOUZA, A. L. ; ROQUE, R. A. ; ANDRADE, E. V. ; ASTOLFI-FILHO, S. ; MOTA, A. J. ; NUNES-SILVA, C.G.  Production of thermostable β-glucosidase and CMCase by Penicillium sp. LMI01 isolated from the Amazon region. ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, v. 31, p. 84-92, 2017. 

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BRITO, DIANA VIEIRA, NUNES, RAQUEL AMAZONAS, PEQUENO, PEDRO AURÉLIO COSTA LIMA, NUNES-SILVA, CARLOS GUSTAVO, CARVALHO-ZILSE, GISLENE ALMEIDA. Differential environmental effects on caste allocation in two Amazonian Melipona bees. Apidologie (Celle).v.1, p.1/215 – 7, 2013.

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We are at Federal University of Amazonas – Department of Genetics (Biology Institute), Manaus (Amazonas, Brazil).


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