Our research aims to study microbial-host interactions (symbiosis) occurring in insects, evolutionary implications of these associations, as well as its biotechnological applications through searching for novel microorganisms or molecules suitable for health, food or industrial processes and uses.
Up to this date we have some specific projects running (see below).

Lignocellulolytic enzymes from aquatic insects

• Fungi isolation and identification from gut of imature Chironomidae and caddisfly
• Non cultivated microorganisms from aquatic insects

Microorganisms associated within bees and bee nest in Amazon​

• Microorganism dynamics in the stingless bee hive
• Symbiotic bacteria in stingless bees: identification and its biotechnological potential • Identification of yeasts associated with stingless bees
Yeasts from the Melipona bee hive: potential for food industry

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) biology

• BSF rearing for animal feed
• Associated microbiota to BSF rearing process
• Genetics of BSF under rearing conditions
• Behavior of BSF under specific rearing conditions


We are at Federal University of Amazonas – Department of Genetics (Biology Institute), Manaus (Amazonas, Brazil).


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