Lab facility

The core facility has

• Bio-safety cabinet
• B.O.D.
• Refrigerated
• centrifuge and
• mini-centrifuges for micro tubes
• Spectrometer
• Complete electroforesis set
• Termociclers
• Pipets
• Gel-photo documentation set
• RNA station cabinet

Associated laboratory facilities

• Proteomics (2d gel electroforesis, protein sds page)
• DNA sequencing (ABI and Ion Torrent PGM @ UFAM and Illumina @ INPA)
• Microbiology culture
• Molecular purification and characterization (liquid GC, RMN, HPLC and mass GC)
• Bioreactors (7L and 14 L)

Freezer room

• Equipped with regular and ultra-freezers

Sterilization room

• Autoclave
• Ice maker machine
• Sterilizer oven


We are at Federal University of Amazonas – Department of Genetics (Biology Institute), Manaus (Amazonas, Brazil).


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